My Suffolk, Your Suffolk - Simon Parker

"Any avid mountain biker will tell you that the rush of adrenalin you get when a newly discovered piece of trail is laid out before them is a feeling that can’t easily be matched. For us, finding that new single track with a few twists and turns, the descent with a chance of grabbing some air at its rise is difficult to come across in Suffolk.

Thankfully there is a place where these things can be found in abundance, Thetford Forest has for a while now been a favourite meeting place for myself and many other mountain bikers from the Norfolk/Suffolk area.

Thetford has something for everyone, not just the hardcore like me – and that’s why I love it, because it allows me to share my love of mountain biking with others. This is all thanks to the multiple routes offered throughout the park which cater for all, from the thrill seeker to families. The facilities are great too, offering rental bikes, all the gear you’ll need and refreshments from the café.

Thetford will always be one of my favourite places to ride and I don’t think that will ever change. It’s close by and every time I go I discover something new that gives me the adrenalin rush and smile I’m looking for."

Simon Parker

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