1. Gislingham Footpath Improvement

    Gislingham Footpath Improvement

    ‘Bowling Alley’  Before Public Footpath 36 had been difficult to walk along, and in some areas was completely impassable for several years. The parish council and local residents wanted this route cleared because it provides an excellent link to …

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  2. Laxfield Public Footpath Improvement

    Laxfield Public Footpath Improvement

    This footpath was improved to provide a better and safer route for people to use.  Laxfield Parish Council stated the surfacing work was "very welcome and I'm not surprised it's well received by those people you've met". Before and after photos

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  3. Walk on Suffolk!

    Walk on Suffolk!

    Read our article about how walking, whether on your own or with others, during Suffolk's Year of Walking and the 2016 Suffolk Walking Festival, will enable you to reap the benefits. Click here to read more

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  4. The Great Outdoors is Great for You!

    The Great Outdoors is Great for You!

    Recent articles in the press on how being outdoors is good for you. Why your GP may be recommending a dose of the great outdoors in 2016 -The Independent - click here to read Walking: a ‘silver bullet’ for so many woes – East Anglian Daily …

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  5. Cycling in Newmarket

    Cycling in Newmarket

      A new cycling map for Newmarket is now available. Download a copy here.

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  6. Lark Valley Path Now Open

    Lark Valley Path Now Open

    Suffolk County Council have reopened the Lark Valley Path from Flempton to West Stow following its closure after the river breached its bank in Spring 2014. The Rights of Way and Access team have worked closely with the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, …

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  7. New Cycle Explorer Guides

    New Cycle Explorer Guides

    There are now 5 new guides to help you explore the Suffolk coast on your bike.  Click here and choose which one, or all, to download and try.

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  8. Access All Areas

    Access All Areas

    John Grant, Environmental Correspondent of the East Anglian Daily Times   Recently interviewed the Access & Development Team on their aim to help everyone access the countryside and the benefits from doing so. The article also highlighted the …

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  9. Letter from Benjamin Ellis

    Letter from Benjamin Ellis

    We recently received a lovely letter from Benjamin Ellis aged 11. Benji enjoys going out for a walk with his Mum, their friend Jackie and Poppy the dog. They all regularly walk in and around Bramford using public rights of way. Thanks Benji for …

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  10. Welcome to Discover Suffolk

    Welcome to Discover Suffolk

    The Discover Suffolk Project started in 2006 as a partnership led by Suffolk County Council. The project was funded for 2 years by grants from the European Regional Development Fund (Objective 2 Programme), East of England Development Agency …

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