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Walkers are Welcome in Suffolk

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Walkers are Welcome is a UK wide initiative launched in 2007 to encourage towns and villages to be 'welcoming to walkers'.

The scheme aims to create a network of accredited towns and villages whose purpose is to develop and promote walking in areas with something different to offer.

So far, they have enabled over 100 accredited members to boost their communities' economies, and their physical and mental well-being through walking.

You can find everything you need to know about the national scheme on the National Walkers are Welcome website.

Suffolk has 3 Walkers are Welcome accredited towns, and you can find more information about each one:


View of Clare church across the rooftops


View of Eye church on a sunny day from high up


The Naval Cemetery at Shotley, with Felixstowe Port in the background

For more information about becoming a Walkers are Welcome town or village, please contact us.

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