Icknield Way Path

The Icknield Way Path is a section of a prehistoric route, often called the Greater Ridgeway that extends between the Dorset coast and Norfolk and claims to be the oldest road in Britain. It is made up of prehistoric pathways and survives as tracks and green lanes along the chalk "spine" of England. As part of the full route, the Icknield Way Path goes from the end of the Ridgeway Path at Ivinghoe Beacon to the start of the Peddars Way at Knettishall Heath.

The Icknield Way Association put together and published the Icknield Way Guide which is split into 8 suggested day walks, and we would obviously highly recommend the Suffolk sections for some stunning views of the west of the county!

Distance: 112 miles

Icknield Way waymarker disc showing an ancient axe in green and white

Waymark: Named disc with neolithic axe emblem in different colours according to location


Ivinghoe Beacon, Buckinghamshire


Knettishall Heath, Suffolk, IP22 2TQ

Map: Icknield Way Association

Also marked on Ordnance Survey maps