cartoon person having a picnic
FUN and FABULOUS seasonal activities
FUN and FABULOUS seasonal activities
FUN and FABULOUS seasonal activities

Summer is the perfect time for spending long lazy days outside in the sunshine. As well as our suggested activities, you can also find loads of spotting sheets to download, information and ideas for yet more things to do outdoors on the Wildlife Watch website.

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Your 10 Fab 40 summer adventures start here......

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1. Hide up a tree and spy on the world

Shhhh! No-one will know you're there! Enjoy the bird's eye view. There are lots of tree climbing tips on the Tinkergarten website.

A narrow path through trees viewed from above

2. See a meteor shower

Can you catch sight of a falling star? August is the time of the 'Perseid' meteor shower. Why not camp out on a clear night and try a spot of star-gazing? Find out information about what you might see in the night sky on the Britannica Kids Website.

cartoon of people laying outside at night watching a meteor shower
A beautiful blue and orange Kingfisher sitting on a branch

3. Spot the blue flash of a kingfisher from a riverside path

Let a walk along the riverbank reveal a colourful new world. Find loads of fascinating facts about kingfishers and other riverside birds on the RSPB website.

Pot of tea set out on a table with picnic benches in the background

4. Find your perfect picnic spot

what makes your spot picnic perfect is up to you! The Made for Mums website has their top 10 picnic foods for you to choose from.

5. Go fishing for crabs

Have a crabbing competition down on the quayside at Walberswick, or other spots along our Suffolk coast. There's lots of information about the best Suffolk crabbing spots on the Suffolk Coast website.

cartoon of a girl with a crab on a fishing line

6. Put a toe in the water down at the stream

Explore how it feels to walk barefoot across a natural stream. Some Suffolk villages have a ford where the stream goes across the road. Find what to look out for in our streams and rivers on the Wildlife Watch website.

A ford across a road in Kersey
cartoon of a man swimming in the sea

7. Take a swim in the sea

From the sandy shores of Lowestoft right down to Felixstowe, taste the salty sea spray. Look out for Suffolk's top blue flag beaches too. Check out the Visit Suffolk website for loads of information about Suffolk's fabulous beaches!

FUN and FABULOUS seasonal activities

8. Simply lay back, look and listen

Even in the quietest meadow or smallest garden, there's always something wild going on. The RSPB website has loads of information about birdsong and how to recognise what you're hearing.

9. Watch dragonflies hunting over the water

Can you count their wings as they rest on reeds by the water's edge down at the river, on the marshes or by the local pond? Check out the Wildlife Watch website and create your own spotter sheet, then see how many different types of dragonfly you can tick off!

A close up image of a green dragonfly perched on a flower drying its wings

10. Discover the beauty of butterflies on a meadowland stroll

Admire their different colours and wonderful wing patterns. Are there 3 different types to identify in your meadow? Suffolk Wildlife Trust has lots of information about all sorts of invertebrates on their website!

A beautiful Peacock butterfly sitting on some flowers

Download your summer certificate

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Well done for completing all your summer adventures!

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