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FUN and FABULOUS seasonal activities
FUN and FABULOUS seasonal activities
FUN and FABULOUS seasonal activities

Spring is a magical time of year when everything in nature feels fresh and new. As well as our suggested activities, you can also find loads of spotting sheets to download, information and ideas for yet more things to do outdoors on the Wildlife Watch website.

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Your 10 Fab 40 spring adventures start here......

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1. Wonder at magical bluebells in an ancient bluebell wood

Stretched out between the trees, carpets of bluebells cover the woodland floor in late April / early May. Simply magic! There's loads of information about plants and flowers through the seasons on the Wildlife Watch website!

Close up image of a bluebell plant with a carpet of bluebells out of focus in the background

2. Spot a mad March hare or two

Look out for hares bounding madly across the fields. You might even witness a boxing match between a pair of potential mates! The Woodland Trust have some fascinating facts about hares, and all sorts of other wildlife, on their website.

A group of 3 leaping hares in a green field
cartoon adult and child with a sheep

3. Encounter spring lambs down on the farm

Visit a local farm park or open farm to meet new lambs close up. Find information about some of the places you can visit lambs in Suffolk on the National Trust website, and keep an eye on the local press for more ideas!

cartoon children planting seeds

4. Plant it. Grow it. Eat it.

Get planting now and be sure to keep things well watered and weed free. The Royal Horticultural Society has lots of ideas about how to start growing your own vegetables!

5. Watch a very special show - 'Strictly Skydancing'

See the amazing moves and graceful glides of courting birds of prey. Take a pair of binoculars along to Suffolk's reed beds to watch the aerial antics of Marsh Harriers. The RSPB and Suffolk Wildlife Trust websites can tell you where to go to see these beautiful birds, and many others.

A stunning marsh harrier in flight against a perfect blue sky

6. Discover signs of pirates in a country churchyard

Find skull and crossbones carved deep in old gravestones. There are so many treasures hidden away in churchyards!

FUN and FABULOUS seasonal activities
tawny owl sitting in a hole in a tree

7. Listen out for a Tawny Owl

Britain's largest common owl is rarely seen, but often heard. Woodlands, parks and gardens are the haunt of the nocturnal Tawny Owl, so why no go outside and open your ears after dark. Check out the RSPB website for everything you need to know about these majestic birds.

A group of people on a wooden walkway hunting for frogspawn in a shallow pond

8. Look out for frogspawn in your local pond

It'll soon be time for tadpoles and tiny frogs. Check out the water's edge for tell-tale signs now. Suffolk Wildlife Trust has loads of fascinating facts about frogs on their website!

9. Prepare a wild salad

There are plenty of edible flowers and weeds out there. Identify them and make a salad with a difference. You could even do a day's foraging course to learn all about what is good to eat in the wild!

cartoon adult and child harvesting plants

10. Spring clean your local area

A litter-free environment is good for wildlife. Take time to tidy up a little and make a big difference. There are lots of hints and tips on arranging a little pick in Suffolk on the Suffolk Recycles website.

cartoon adult and kids picking up litter

Download your spring certificate

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Well done for completing all your spring adventures!

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