cartoon adult and child eating apples picked straight from the tree
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cartoon adult and child looking at autumn leaves

Autumn is a fantastic time to get outside and breathe in the wood smoke scented air while taking in the beautiful changing colours. As well as our suggested activities, you can also find loads of spotting sheets to download, information and ideas for yet more things to do outdoors on the Wildlife Watch website.

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Your 10 Fab 40 autumn adventures start here……

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1. Make a den

Gather together fallen branches either in the woods or your back garden and construct your own hideout. Find out everything you need to know about den building on the Woodland Trust website.

a smiley face carved onto the end of a fallen tree in amongst some bracken

2. Bake a wild blackberry pie

Pick deliciously juicy blackberries from the hedgerows to make a tasty pie or crumble. You can find a simple recipe for a yummy apple and blackberry pie on the BBC Good Food website, as well as lots of other ideas for using your autumn harvest.

cartoon family picking wild blackberries
cartoon children drinking pumpkin soup next to their Halloween lantern

3. Carve a pumpkin lantern and make soup too

Be sure to keep the pumpkin’s fruity flesh when you make your Halloween lantern. It will make a tasty soup! Check out the BBC Good Food website for instructions on how to carve your pumpkin (tip: be careful using sharp knives!) and some recipes for using the yummy flesh.

cartoon children building a wildlife pond

4. Build a home for wildlife in your garden

The choice is yours – and you don’t have to stop at just one! There are lots of ideas for creating wildlife homes on the Wildlife Watch website, from ponds, to hedgehog houses, to bug hotels!

5. Kick fallen leaves on a walk in the woods

Enjoy kicking up colourful autumn leaves on a walk through one of Suffolk’s broadleaf woodlands. You can find loads of information about walking in woodlands on the Woodland Trust website.

cartoon people kicking up fallen leaves

6. Collect and roast sweet chestnuts

Once roasted, they are delicious to eat. Don’t confuse them with the non-edible conker! Find out how to roast sweet chestnuts on the BBC website.

shiny sweet chestnuts bursting out of their prickly green case
2 stunning red deer clashing antlers during the rut, while another watches on in the background

7. See and hear the clash of antlers

Red deer stags clashing antlers in the fight for a mate is one of nature’s greatest spectacles. There’s lots of fascinating facts about deer rutting, as well as information about where you can see it in Suffolk, on The Suffolk Coast website

a beautiful orange autumn leaf

8. Capture the colours of autumn

Take photos of the wonderful colours or make pictures to your own designs using collected leaves. Find out how to paint using autumn leaves on the Arty Crafty Kids website.

9. Find all sorts of pine cones and make seasonal decorations

Collect, then create perhaps the cutest hedgehog friends or keep them for Christmas decorations. There are loads of ideas for fun pine cone crafting on the Crafty Morning website.

A small owl decoration made out of a pine cone

10. Eat an apple straight from the tree

Remember to give it a wash or wipe first! Search online for places in Suffolk to pick apples. Why not bring a few home and try making this delicious apple crumble recipe from the BBC website?

cartoon adult and child eating apples picked straight from the tree

Download your autumn certificate

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Well done for completing all your autumn adventures!

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